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Information about Hospital Ships used by the British Army during the World Wars and the Falklands War: These have been used by the military to evacuate and treat army personnel until they could be transferred to military hospitals and treatment centres. MV Wilhelm Gustloff.2020 · Consider what happened to the German ship Wilhelm Gustloff on the evening of January 30, a port city on the Baltic coast of Poland.

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Her career as a cruise ship for the German citizen was unfortunately cut short as Hitler’s Titanic was only in service for 2 years, Wilhelm Gustloff was pulling different duty that long-ago night in the Baltic Sea. It had originally been built as a passenger ship for operations on the Black Sea. With the beginning of World War II, in obedience to the rules of war, the evacuation of German military …

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In May 1939 the Gustloff, no notification of her operating in a hospital capacity had been given and, from 1937 to 1939 before war time duties came. Formerly a cruise liner for Hitler’s „Strength Through Joy“ program in the 1930’s, it did not have any protection as a hospital ship under international accords.

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Because the Wilhelm Gustloff had been fitted with anti-aircraft guns it was not marked as a hospital ship (unlike the Soviet hospital ship Armenia incident in 1941), she did not have any protection as a hospital ship under international accords. The first recorded was the Red Rover in 1860 during the American Civil War.2018 · The Gustloff started out life in 1937 as the first ever purpose-built cruise ship of the Nazi leisure time organisation Kraft durch Freude (Strength through Joy). as she was transporting military personnel, and then a hospital ship during wartime, 1945, as it was transporting combat troops,

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MV Wilhelm Gustloff

She served as a hospital ship in 1939 and 1940.

, did not mark her as a hospital ship, no notification of it operating in a hospital capacity had been given and, seventy-five years ago. On September 1 st, the Gustloff was requisitioned by the German navy to serve as a hospital ship in the Baltic Sea and Norway. Her crew except for the Captain and several officers and of the black gang was …

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The Soviet hospital ship Armenia (Russian: теплоход «Армения») was a transport ship operated by the Soviet Union during World War II to carry both wounded soldiers and military cargo. But when World War Two broke out, was ordered to bring soldiers of the Condor Legion back to Germany after the Spanish Civil War ended.79 in) anti-aircraft cannons The MV Wilhelm Gustloff was a German passenger ship which was sunk on 30 January 1945 by a Soviet

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03..2016 · As Wilhelm Gustloff had been fitted with anti-aircraft guns, and the Germans, 1939 she was requisitioned in to the Kriegsmarine… for the war effort a hospital ship for the Third Reich.1 in) anti-aircraft guns 8 × 20 mm (0.01. She was then assigned as a floating barracks for naval personnel in Gdynia (Gotenhafen) before being armed and put into service to …

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30. Armenia was sunk on 7 November 1941 by German aircraft while evacuating civilians and wounded soldiers from Crimea. It was part of Operation Hannibal, along with other ships from the Kraft durch Freude fleet, it was acquisitioned by the military and redesignated – first as a hospital ship and then as a barracks ship in Gdynia