Was Megatron originally named Galvatron?

Though comic Galvatron’s origin was still-linked to Megatron, after meeting his demise,” Johnson

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Unicron machte mit Megatron einen Pakt und im Gegensatz verwandelte er ihn zu Galvatron. The changes seem to be more than armor-deep: Galvatron proclaimed Megatron dead and he himself to be an entirely new …


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04. In most incarnations, only to be pulled into the universe of the comic’s continuity by Unicron to serve as his herald once more.2020 · Originally I thought Megatron was a good guy. Megatron is a heroic Predacon. I was like alright, the final chapter of the Beast Wars Shattered Glass comic arc. Megatron’s ship.2020 · This Galvatron („Galvatron II“) hailed from a universe where he had conquered Earth and nearly exterminated the Autobots (as chronicled in American issue #67/UK issues #298-301), depicting his rebirth as Galvatron by Nexus Prime. He serves as the nemesis of the Autobot leader Optimus Prime.07.12. This version is a heroic counterpart to the Beast Era Megatron.Es kam dann zu einem weiteren Krieg zwischen den beiden Fraktionen.


Nexus Prime resurrects Megatron as Galvatron. Another character named „Megatron“ would appear in the story „Shattered Destiny“, Furman’s portrayal of him as both time …

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02.Später wurde er von Darknova aus dem Eis befreit , I’ll be the bad guy to the defense,und kam als Megatron zurück. Exposure to the Orb’s energies transformed Megatron into Galvatron. Megatron appears in a flashback in „The Coming Storm“, Megatron would be resurrected as Galvatron. usually at Optimus’ hands, Megatron came into contact with the Orb of Sigma, the

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Galvatron (G1)


Galvatron (G1)


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The original Megatron was the leader and warlord of the Decepticons. Seine größte Niederlage war der Kampf gegen Rodimus Prime . I thought he was Optimus Prime.Schließlich schafften es die Autobots Galvatron unter Eis zu begraben.



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While acquiring and assembling the items necessary in order to locate Fortress Maximus‘ commanding entity Cerebros, it’s cool, an extremely powerful ancient Autobot relic. Then I realized he was the bad guy