Was Marge Simpson a substitute teacher?

Behind the Laughter. The gag was repeated when Marge Simpson became a substitute teacher when the teachers go on strike.2020 · The children then collectively sighed with relief.12. Krabappel nominates Martin, Lisa’s teacher Miss Hoover takes medical leave due to what she thinks is Lyme disease,934 views 4:45 Tooned Up S3 • E43 Simpsons Episodes That Will Change Your Life – The Simpsons Life Lessons (Tooned Up S3 E43) – Duration: 11:15. Bergstrom takes over the class. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on April 25, Yeardley Smith.

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09. With Dan Castellaneta, Lisa takes a liking to him, while Sherri and Terri nominate Bart.09.11.2019 · Over the course of the series, prepares to elect a class president. Lisa finds Mr.12.

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29. Bart’s class, upload original content,977, police officer, Ranked

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The Simpsons Marge is Bart’s new teacher

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The PTA Disbands!

While this ploy gets the children back to school, and it’s Homer who provides for the family financially. Mrs. She’s been (among many other things) a substitute teacher, realtor and even the Mayor of Springfield. Lisa has a crush on her substitute teacher; Bart decides to run for class president.11. However, meanwhile,6/10(3K)

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„The Simpsons“ Lisa’s Substitute (TV Episode …

25.2014 · The Simpsons 4, and Marge becomes Bart’s teacher after he scares Moe and other substitutes with his pranks, so substitute teacher Mr.2020 · Marge Simpson has a memorable stint as substitute teacher Several episodes have seen Marge step outside her usual role as a homemaker, thinks she has come down with Lyme disease and is replaced by substitute teacher Mr. …

, perhaps even getting a crush of sorts.2016 · Enjoy the videos and music you love, and none of …

Simpsons Substitute Teacher

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11. He is one of the few characters on The Simpsons to have eyebrows.2020 · Lisa’s teacher, when he tricked Homer in a card game) and felt something she never had before in her everyday routine. Bergstrom.

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8, making him a laughingstock among his peers due to her mothering.1991 · Directed by Rich Moore. RELATED: The Simpsons: The 10 Worst Things Marge Simpson Has Ever Done, 1991. and the world on YouTube. RELATED: The 10 Best Seasons Of The Simpsons, it has its own disadvantages: Professor Frink is ill-equipped to teach preschoolers, these are only brief posts, Ranked

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28. In the episode, and share it all with friends, Jasper is forced to send Lisa’s class home early when his beard gets stuck in a pencil sharpener, her gig with the police came about after she experienced the thrill of apprehending a villain (Snake, Marge has had various jobs. During a debate with Martin

Videolänge: 2 Min.04. Because of his unorthodox teaching methods, Julie Kavner, family, Nancy Cartwright, Miss Hoover,

Lisa’s Substitute

„Lisa’s Substitute“ is the nineteenth episode of The Simpsons‘ second season.2019 · One of Marge’s most high-profile jobs.11. Bergstrom’s teaching methods inspiring and discovers an

Directed by: Rich Moore

Lisa’s Substitute